2015 Cisco Champion for Security!

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I haven’t updated this blog in quite some time, but on December 3rd, I was given quite a good reason to. I received a very nice email from the folks at Cisco, which stated:

Dear Noah,

Because of your excellent contributions to the IT community, you have been chosen out of hundreds of applicants, to be a member of the Cisco Champions team in 2015. Congratulations!

Cisco Champions are seasoned IT technical experts and influencers who enjoy sharing their knowledge, expertise, and thoughts across the social web and with Cisco. The Cisco Champions program encompasses different areas of interest, such as Data Center, Internet of Things, Enterprise Networks, Collaboration and Security. Cisco Champions are located all over the world.

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Convert Gift Cards to Cash Using Square’s iPhone Card Reader/App

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Last night I was perusing Twitter as I sometimes do when I get bored. I came across this Tweet:


After reading it, I realized I have had three gift cards (two Visa and one Amex) sitting in my wallet for quite some time. They haven’t done me much good, though, as I could never remember how much was actually on them. So, I never used them…

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Nest Learning Thermostat Unboxing/Install

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After about three weeks of waiting, my Nest thermostat finally arrived. Well, three of them to be exact. One is for my house and the other two are for my Dad (one for my parents’ house and one for his office). So, with Valerie’s help, I set out to unbox and install my new Nest thermostat!

Step 1: Open the FedEx Package containing my new Nest thermostat. Looks like the guys at Nest did a good job of making sure these little guys didn’t get damaged in transit. Can’t ever have too much brown paper!

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Facebook Old Password vs Incorrect Password

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So, I went to log into Facebook today, but typed in an incorrect password. Well, actually it was an old password. Facebook, in all its infinite wisdom, stated this – “Sorry! You entered an old password” as well as informed me when I last changed my password (click the image below to see the full-size version):

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