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Starbucks Card Mobile App for Blackberry Torch

By December 12, 2010January 6th, 2015Uncategorized

EDIT: Starbucks has released an official version of their Blackberry app that works with the Blackberry Torch. For more information, see the following links:

Original Post is below:
I recently purchased a BlackBerry Torch and have been trying to find similar applications for it that I had previously on my iPhone 3G. So, I was happy to find out that Starbucks had released a BlackBerry app for their Starbucks cards.

So, as the instructions on the Starbucks website state, I sent a text message with the word “GO” to 70845

I received a message back with the following response: “To download Starbucks Card Mobile go to

So, I go to the site, click the “Download Starbucks Card Mobile App” and get the following error: “We’re sorry, your mobile device is not supported at this time.

For the list of supported devices and more information on Starbucks Card Mobile, please go to on your computer.”

No Starbucks Card Mobile app for the Torch? WHAT?!?! This can’t be. Starbucks, you create an app and don’t make it work with RIM’s latest and greatest BlackBerry? This can’t be!

So, enter google. A quick search and I come across this link for the .jad file.

So, I click the link, download it to my phone, and run it. Guess what, IT WORKS!

Hope this helps anyone that’s looking for the Starbucks Card Mobile App for the Blackberry Torch!

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